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The following warning on the pending anthrax vaccine also recalls the hazards of aspartame, the artificial sweetener.  Not coincidentally, the current U.S. Secretary Of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, was the influential head of GD Searle, the pharmaceutical company that won FDA approval for aspartame after the FDA advisory committee had recommended AGAINST approval of aspartame –- also known as Nutrasweet™.


Anthrax Vaccine is Dangerous

By Betty Martini,

The anthrax vaccine is neither safe nor effective.  James Turner, a Washington, D.C. attorney, was part of a committee which drafted a citizens' petition to rule the anthrax vaccine as a Class II dangerous drug, and to stop manufacture of the vaccine.

This committee has been fighting the vaccine on behalf of active military personnel who are being required to take the vaccine even though the FDA has never approved it.  The Homeland Security force now wants to "make it available" to the entire population.  Let's hope they don't make it a requirement.

It is urgent to ask the FDA to expedite the petition, posted at  The petition asks the FDA to rule the anthrax vaccine as a Class II dangerous drug, and to revoke BioPort's license to manufacture the vaccine.  By law, the FDA is required to respond to this petition.  This can then be used in court or other particular legal proceedings.  Simply write that you support the petition, Docket Number 01P-0471, and any other comments you wish.

Keep in mind that FDA proposed a regulation in 1985 that recognized that the anthrax vaccine was not safe or effective for inhaled anthrax.  In an illegal action, then Acting FDA Commissioner Michael Friedman told the military that they could go ahead, even though FDA had not approved the vaccine.

In 1996, the famed Dr. John Olney -- who founded the field of neuroscience known as excitotoxicity  -- made worldwide news over the association between aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal™, Canderal™, Spoonful™, etc.) and brain tumors.  The FDA had refused to approve aspartame for 16 years because aspartame had triggered brain tumors in original research studies.

Read the Nov 3, 1987 letter from FDA toxicologist Dr. Adrian Gross to Senator Metzenbaum listing the brain tumors at  He told Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment because it can produce brain tumors, as it breaks down to diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent.

When Dr. Olney appeared on the television show "60 Minutes," FDA Commissioner Michael Friedman actually defended Monsanto, saying aspartame did not trigger brain tumors.  Friedman was rewarded by Monsanto in 1999 when they hired him.  Studies were done in South America by sacrificing people in poor villages to aspartame experimentation, and they developed brain tumors.  These studies were never published.

Russell Blaylock, M.D. has written a booklet titled BioTerrorism:  How You Can Survive.  In the booklet, Blaylock discusses weaponized anthrax, and says: "These anthrax germs have been genetically altered to make them generally antibiotic-resistant and resistant to vaccination methods.  These organisms are much more virulent than naturally occurring anthrax.  The Soviet labs produced over 2,000 strains of anthrax.  The most frequently weaponized strain is called Anthrax 836.  All of these strains are available to the major terrorist organizations.  Iraq produced 85,000 liters of weaponized anthrax during the Gulf War.  We know that many terrorist states have the capability of making tons of weaponized anthrax."  He concludes, "The type of anthrax one develops depends on how it is contracted."

Dr. Blaylock goes through the different types in this booklet and tells you how to survive.  Why did he write it?  Because excitotoxins like the ingredients in NutraSweet and MSG have destroyed the immune systems of consumers, making it impossible to for them to survive chemical warfare.  This booklet is necessary for everyone to understand what to do to survive, and it’s certainly not to take anthrax vaccinations!

We should learn from what happened to U.S. military troops who took anthrax vaccinations prior to being deployed in Desert Storm.  Diet drinks laced with aspartame were then sent to the Persian Gulf and, according to interviews, were placed on pallets and stored in the 120 degree Arabian sun for as long as 8 weeks at a time.  The troops drank them all day long.  The National Soft Drink Association has admitted that aspartame breaks down at 86 degrees, so the troops were essentially drinking formaldehyde cocktails.  Dr. James Bowen wrote in a published report that if the troops had first not been poisoned by those diet drinks, they might not have reacted as badly as they did to the vaccinations against anthrax, mustard gas, etc.

Aspartame is a chemical hypersensitization agent.  It triggers polychemical sensitivity syndrome, the same as multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome.  Anthrax vaccine had never been proven safe or approved by the FDA and should never have been given to the troops.  The soda companies knew “the gun was loaded” before they ever sent the drinks to the Persian Gulf.

Today, aspartame is consumed by two-thirds of the American population alone.  If this unsafe anthrax vaccine is mandated for the population, it's hard to imagine the number of neurodegenerative diseases it could trigger.

To learn how many symptoms and diseases aspartame triggers, read the new medical text on the global plague of Aspartame Disease by H. J. Roberts, M.D. titled  Aspartame Disease:  An Ignored Epidemic.  Also keep in mind that aspartame is not only a neurotoxin, but a deadly drug that interacts with most drugs used for the problems it triggers.  The book contains a chapter on drug interactions, seizures, brain tumors, and even Desert Storm Syndrome.  It offers information on how to treat someone who has used aspartame.

In addition to its other dangers, aspartame is a chelating agent that leaches harmful aluminum out of soft drink cans, as well as the mercury out of dental fillings and into the body.

Notice of the class action suit on aspartame, and the cases now being taken is available at  Its symptoms include brain tumors, seizures, eye problems, blindness, and more.  Aspartame victims are being asked to contribute their case histories.

This case seeks to help the FDA to prevent this vaccine from being used.  If you have mailing lists, please pass this on so it will get to millions of people and be published.  Everybody reading this should sign the petition.

Mrs. Betty Martini
Founder, Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia  30097  USA
Telephone:  770-242-2599
You can get Russell Blaylock's booklet BioTerrorism:  How You Can Survive at or by calling 877-351-0593.


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