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Guidelines for the Use of Salicinium (OraSal)

By Thomas S. Lee NMD, APH

The following guidelines have been found helpful in getting the best results from using Salicinium, either as an intravenous (IV) preparation or in oral form (i.e., as OraSal, the encapsulated version of Salicinium).

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OK to Use With Salicinium

... during a single treatment or a course of treatments:

  • Glutathione—Up to 500 mg of glutathione per day can be used in the same IV as Salicinium, or during the day while oral Salicinium (OraSal) is being taken.

  • Basic Meyers Cocktail—A traditional IV nutrient mixture, but only if given without the vitamin C component.

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT)—The use of pressurized oxygen in a special full-body chamber to assist in the cellular uptake of oxygen or the flushing out of excess carbon monoxide.

  • EDTA—Can be used with Salicinium in the same IV, but this has not been tested for efficacy.  The chelation of heavy metals has not been shown to impair the effect of Salicinium, so some physicians use it concurrently to help make both benefits more affordable.

  • IPT/IPTLD—The use of insulin to effect a very rapid lowering of blood sugar, thereby "opening" the cancer cell to more medications.  Only a subclinical dose of 20-25 units is necessary.

  • Bicarbonate IVs—If dosed appropriately, these create a more alkaline environment for the cancer cells  and permit the more effective uptake of Salicinium.  This is true for both IV Salicinium and OraSal.

  • Chemotherapy—There are many forms of chemotherapy, and not all have been proven to be safe with the concurrent use of Salicinum.  Nor have all been proven safe even when used alone.  The use of Salicinium concurrently with conventional oncology is a matter requiring the judgment of a licensed and trained oncologist.

  • Radiation therapy—This modality is also unproven and in need of the same caveat mentioned for chemotherapy.  Both Salicinium and radiation therapy are lethal for cancer cells, but radiation does not distinguish the metabolic status of a cell, and it is lethal for healthy immune system cells as well.  Use it with extreme caution.

NOT to be Used With Salicinium

... during a single treatment or a course of treatments:

  • No high-dose vitamin C IVs (less than 1000 mg per day, including food intake).  Oral vitamin C supplements should be taken at least 5 hours away from an IV Salicinium treatment.

  • DeHydroAscorbic Acid (DHA)—This is a fat-soluble form of Vitamin C which should be avoided during a course of Salicinium in either of its forms.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy (H2O2), oral or IV—This can mute the effects of Salicinium in a similar manner to vitamin C.  Oral peroxide is always a bad idea, because it damages delicate cellular structures within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.  IV peroxide, if dosed properly and not used concurrently with Salicinium, does have very salutary benefits.

  • Ozone Sufflation, by injection or IV—As with IV Peroxide, this oxygenation can be quite beneficial if used away from the Salicinium.  To an extent, the oxygenation therapies seem to protect the cancer cell from the harmful effects (to cancer) of Salicinium.

  • Colonics with Ozone—See explanation above for Ozone Sufflation.

  • DCA (Dichloracetate or dichloracetic Acid)—This is another interesting treatment against the metabolic environment that supports cancer.  However, we note that it mutes the benefits of Salicinium in a similar manner to the oxygenation therapies described above.

  • Prolozone—See the explanation above for Ozone Sufflation.

  • Artemisinin—This herbal extract helps with blood infections such as Malaria and Yellow Fever, but it somehow changes the presence of blood sugar, and Salicinium is used to simulate a nutritional sugar that cancer cells will want to consume.  Therefore, do not use Artemisinin at the same time as Salicinium.

  • Genestine—We are unsure of the mechanism with this, but it also has been observed to lessen the effect of Salicinium.

  • Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD)—This enzyme is a powerful antioxidant which is very healthful normally, yet it seems to protect the cancer cell somewhat from the Salicinium.

  • IP6 (Inositol Phosphate)—This interesting cancer treatment is observed to decrease cancer cell adhesion by suppressing the integrin receptors and their subsequent signaling pathway.  This is undesirable during the use of Salicinium, because it might lessen the cancer cells' uptake of the powerful "Trojan horse sugar"—the Salicinium molecule.

  • MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)—This extremely caustic, chlorine-based material is known in the laundry as bleach.  Some applications against dangerous levels of parasite infestation can benefit from the use of this substance, but not along with the application of Salicinium, which is used against fermentive cells such as cancer and mold.

  • The product CELLFOOD™ or any similar product that involves nascent oxygen (a free-radical single-oxygen atom).  See the explanation above for SOD.

  • Too many antioxidants, alone or in combination.

Using the treatments listed above with either IV Salicinium or OraSal will prohibit or slow its entry into an anaerobic cell.  This will obstruct the saturation level and possibly allow the continued production of malignant cells.

Once the use of Salicinium is initiated, the patient's blood level must remain saturated with this material for the several weeks required for its most effective use.

Further Information

  • Salicinium will only go into solution at 1 percent.  Each vial = 3 gm plus the addition of 10 ml of DMSO.  This will go into 300 ml or more of 0.9 saline or sterile water—no less.

  • If the patient has done well on Salicinium IVs but exhibits any kind of bacterial or fungal load, especially in the gut, the absorption of OraSal may be inhibited.

  • A strong antibiotic with antifungal properties may be indicated before starting OraSal.  Also, products such as 1918+ or Alk-Align can be taken along with the OraSal regimen to decrease the pathogenic microbes and improve the absorption of OraSal.

Licensed healthcare providers who wish to use intravenous (IV) Salicinium must be approved and registered by the manufacturer, Perfect Balance, Inc.  Their acquired clinical experiences will be appreciated.


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