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How to Care for Stitches

By Dr. Thomas Stearns Lee

The following care instructions will help to recover as quickly and easily as possible from the stitches used to close a surgical procedure.

  1. It is important that you avoid any contact with water for the first 2 days following surgery.

  2. For the next three days (Days 3 - 5), it is important to not soak in water.  You may take a shower, but avoid leaving the stitched area in the path of the direct stream of water.  Avoid baths and swimming.

  3. During Days 3, 4, and 5, you may clean the area with Calendula Succus.  Use a poultice of Blanched Cabbage leaf (about 1/2" thick, 1" larger than the incision) if infection is present.

  4. After this period of time, you may bathe and swim as normal on Day 6.

  5. It is wise to keep the area covered if you think you may be exposed to potential irritants (clothing, chemicals, etc.), but it is not necessary.  Cover the area as needed.  Open air and sunshine helps if there is no local trauma to the area of the stitches.

  6. After the scar has healed over and any scabbing has fallen off, you may apply a small amount of Vitamin E oil alternating with Lavender oil.  Use these for 3 days following the removal of your stitches.  Apply the Vitamin E in the morning and the Lavender oil in the evening.  Vitamin E helps soften and reduce the scarring, and Lavender oil helps clear up the local redness.

  7. If pain or inflammation persists, call your physician or surgeon for advice.

How to Care for Your Surgical Incision

  1. Apply Calendula Succus, a juice derived from the calendula flower, 4-5 times a day.  It is only necessary to apply 1-2 drops per site.

  2. Let the succus sit on the area for a couple of minutes before attempting to wipe it off.

  3. It is helpful to cover the area for the first few days following surgery to provide a protective barrier from your clothes, pollution, etc.

  4. After about 10 days, the scabbing should have fallen off.  Rub olive oil into the scab from day 4 until it falls off easily.

  5. Once there is no more scab present, you can apply a small amount of Vitamin E oil, alternating with small amounts of Lavender oil.  The Vitamin E helps to soften the scar and aid in the healing process, while the Lavender oil decreases the redness around the area.  You only need apply each oil once per day.


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