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Food Sources of Sulfites

By Judith Campbell

Many consumers of the standard American diet experience severe allergy symptoms, including headaches, asthma, and even seizures from sulfites.  These have been added to foods by major food processing companies because they have preservative effects and are very inexpensive.

Sulfites are used in many different kinds of foods.  If you or your loved ones have severe food reactions, check labels and suspect the inclusion of sulfites in the following types of foods and beverages:

Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Wine, beer, cocktail mixes, wine coolers, most distilled liquors (where sulfites are only required to be listed if they are found in concentrations of 10 ppm or greater).  Drinks containing sugar and or corn syrup, dried citrus fruit beverage mixes, and all canned, bottled, or frozen fruit juices.

Baked Goods

Bread with dough conditioners, cookies, crackers, crepes, mixes with dried fruits or vegetables, pie crust, pizza crust, quiche crust, soft pretzels, tortillas and tortilla shells, and waffles.


Horseradish, onion and pickle relishes, pickles, olives, salad dressing mixes, and wine vinegar.

Junk Foods

Frostings (all canned or packaged frosting mixes), puddings, fillings (fruit fillings), flavored and unflavored gelatin, pectin, jelling agents, hard candies (all clear hard candy), refined sugar (all sugars including brown, white, powdered and raw), dried fruit snacks, potato chips, tortilla chips, filled crackers, and trail mixes.

Dairy Product Substitutes

All processed "cheese foods" containing filled milk (skim milk enriched in fat content by addition of vegetable oils).

Dried Vegetables and Fruits

Chives, parsley, herbs, and spices, processed fruits, and all dried fruit, including raisins, prunes, canned, bottled or frozen fruit, maraschino cherries, and glazed fruit.

Fish and Shellfish

Fresh and frozen shrimp, scallops, clams, lobster, crab, dried cod, and salmon.

Grain Products and Pasta

Cornstarch, modified food starch, spinach pasta, gravies, hominy, breading, batters, noodle rice mixes.

Fruits and Vegetables

All dried fruits, grapes, fresh-cut potatoes (as delivered to restaurants).  Sulfur dioxide is used as fungicide on fresh grapes.

Jams and Jellies


Nuts and Nut Products

Shredded coconut.

Plant Protein Products

Soy protein products such as tofu, textured vegetable protein, and infant formulas.


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