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Benefits of MSM

Excerpted from the Original Patent Documents

By Dr. Thomas Stearns Lee

In Biochemical Actions:

Enhances the effectiveness of antioxidants and other bioflavenoids.  Combats the cross-linkage of collagen, which is associated with aging.

In Mental Activity:

Users generally have reported increased alertness and ability to concentrate, as well as improved moods (acting more quickly than medications more typically prescribed for depression).

Other Benefits Noted:

  • Appears to be effective in reducing gastrointestinal upset (lessening symptoms such as diarrhea, chronic constipation, nausea, hyperacidity, and/or epigastric pain, as well as inflammation of the mucous membranes.

  • Appears to combat parasitic, microbial, and fungal problems in the intestinal and urogenital tracts (possibly by competing for binding or "receptor" sites at the mucous membrane, blocking the interface between the host and the parasite), and to augment immunological competence.

In Fighting Pain:

MSM been reported to reduce the occurrence of, or to entirely eliminate, muscle cramps of the back and leg, both caused by inactivity and by intense use (as with runners and other athletes who experience cramps while competing).

Also, it greatly reduces or eliminates pain from chronic arthritis.  Many people with musculoskeletal system disorders, inflammation pains from other than arthritis, and other pains (such as migraine) have reported substantial and long-lasting relief while using MSM.

In the "Beauty" Arena:

  • Improved hair, cuticle, and nail growth and health, as well as a reduction in the wrinkles associated with aging.

  • Appears to reduce symptoms associated with allergies, including respiratory congestion, itching, mucoid discharges, and inflammation, as well as general discomfort.

  • Appears to help many specific body functions, such as increasing the body’s ability to produce insulin, helping the liver produce more choline, increasing the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates, and increasing the speed of healing of wounds.


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