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Detox from Heavy Metals and Chemicals

By Dr. Thomas S. Lee, NMD

We hear a lot about pollution and the diseases that are caused by toxic chemicals and metals.  If the dangers seem overblown, imagine a region populated by about two million people that is devastated by an explosion and meltdown at a nearby nuclear power plant.  Mobilizing the military and evacuating hundreds of thousands of residents, the emergency cleanup effort involves nearly 750,000 soldiers and firemen.

While this sounds like a disaster movie, it is recent history.  This actually happened on April 26, 1986 in Chernobyl, Ukraine.  Of those many emergency workers, over half are now dead, and over 250,000 more are dying from various types of cancer.

This epic human tragedy led the Soviet society on a desperate search for ways to detoxify and protect their people from radiation poisoning.  This search has brought many medicines to our markets, some of which are described here.  These can also help the body detoxify from many diseases other than radiation poisoning.  Heaven forbid that we will need them to save lives in any other nuclear catastrophes.

Unfortunately, the dangers of chemical and heavy metal pollution -- including radioactive munitions that will affect all who have handled them or who live where they have been used.  These are not becoming any less important to your family's health.  Quite the contrary.

This article contains the following sections:

Helping the Normal Elimination of Toxins
Repairing Cardiovascular Damage
Treating Other Degenerative Diseases through Systemic Detoxification


Toxic chemicals and pollutants get into our bodies all the time.  For example, many of us have dental fillings of mercury amalgam that were considered harmless when they were put in.  Now we know better.

The body eliminates toxins naturally all the time through the kidneys and the colon.  But many toxins imitate nutritional minerals and hormones and get into the cell walls, bones and ligaments.  Some toxins can even fit into hormone receptor sites on cell surfaces.  When this happens, normal elimination doesn't work efficiently and the healthy functions of these tissues are damaged.

As toxic poisoning increases, tissues and cells stop functioning well.  As these toxins are released and being eliminated, they can be taken up again through the kidneys or colon.  This is the reason why cleansing systems usually include some fiber or absorbent material like clay or charcoal to hang onto the debris until it gets completely out of the body.

Helping the Normal Elimination of Toxins

Responding to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, Soviet scientists found a remarkable plant medicine that would grab onto heavy metals and radioactive minerals while protecting the thyroid metabolism and gastrointestinal tract.

Their product, Modifilan, is a 40:1 extract from a deep-oceanic strain of brown kelp seaweed called Laminaria japonica in capsule form.  Learn more about Modifilan here.

Modifilan:  Super detox agent from pure brown seaweed

Repairing Cardiovascular Damage

A well-regarded detoxifier of the cardiovascular system is sublingual EDTA.  Chelation therapy is well-respected, but news here is that by taking EDTA under the tongue and holding it there for a few minutes, more of it gets absorbed into the blood than if it is taken as an oral pill or suppository.  Sublingual absorption of EDTA is not as effective as an intravenous (IV) drip, but approximately 50-60 percent of this EDTA gets into the blood through the mucous membranes of the mouth. 

The benefits in terms of cost and convenience of sublingual EDTA are significant.  The standard protocol for certified IV chelation therapy consists of three sessions, each of which takes about three hours every week.  This puts about 9 grams of EDTA into the bloodstream per week.  A typical cardiovascular repair strategy is to have three sessions a week for 2-3 months.  This costs between $260-320 USD and takes over 9 hours in your doctor's office each week.  Even at that cost and fuss, this therapy is far safer and more affordable than most emergency heart operations.

If you are being advised to have heart surgery, be sure to get an alternate opinion on chelation therapy.  For those who can't afford the time and money of IV chelation but who do value its preventive medical benefits, consider a simple scoop of this powder held under the tongue twice a day.  That 14 grams a week gets 8-1/2 grams of EDTA into your bloodstream, at a fraction of the cost of IV chelation therapy.  Read about the benefits of EDTA chelation therapy here.

Treating Other Degenerative Diseases through Systemic Detoxification

For anyone having onboard toxic metals from whatever source, or having the symptoms of damage from toxic chemicals or metals, we recommend a steady course of both Modifilan and sublingual EDTA for a few months, followed by medical re-testing to assess the benefits.  Older persons or those who have had significant exposure may need several courses of detoxification to effectively reduce their toxic loads.

For most who have grown up in this modern world, body chemistry reveals levels of pollutants and poisons that no one yet has the scientific proof to know whether it is bad or dangerous.  Undergoing a chelation and detoxification process for several months each year is like insurance against degenerative diseases and rapid aging that are often in the cards for us.  And since little risk in using these materials, it hardly makes sense to wait for proper scientific validation of these approaches in today's toxic world.

Beneficial bacteria have been proven to fight disease and supply many nutrients necessary for health.  Probiotics have proven to be invaluable at restoring an optimal biological flora inside the body.  Many fermented foods can contribute to this effort, but Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic is Japan's premier award-winning biotechnology for nutrition.  It replaces the flora in the gastrointestinal tract with beneficial bacteria that have been cultured for their strength and durability.  Read more about the benefits of probiotics here.

Dr. Ohhira's, the best Probiotic in the world


Detoxification of the human body is a complex, controversial subject.  We appreciate these products and ideas for being safe and effective. 

For further reading on this subject, search the Internet for the following keyword phrases:  toxic mercury, heavy metal poisoning, chelation therapy, environmental injury, clinical ecology, detoxification, cleansing, mercury detox, airborne allergy.

Further information

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For information on helping to reverse serious degenerative diseases in pets, read the article recently published in Animal Wellness magazine about Coco, the chihuahua of Dr. Albert Sanchez.  Coco's cancer was successfully reversed using Poly-MVA For Pets.


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