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Fighting Cancer

Strategies for Winning

By Dr. Thomas S. Lee, NMD

The NaturoDoc Store offers many natural medicines we have found valuable in winning the battle against cancer.

Cancer of every type is affecting more people at earlier ages than ever before, despite the war on cancer declared in the U.S. during President Nixon's era.  But many people are reversing and surviving cancer, in even advanced stages, using natural materials and methods, sometimes accompanied with appropriate and carefully applied conventional therapies.

What is cancer?

Cancer encompasses a huge category of metabolic and genetic mutations that result from one or more carcinogenic materials to which a person has been exposed for some period of stress.  We would not call cancer a "disease," because it is not caused by a single foreign organism, which is how a disease is defined.  Similarly, "curing" cancer is an impossibility, because it is not a disease, and no outside disease treatment can accomplish the changes necessary to reverse it.

Since cancer is not a disease, it cannot be "cured" by treating it like a disease.  Cancer is more of a natural response to abnormal, constant stress.  Carcinogens and chronic stress can damage the genetic code of a living cell to the point where cancer is the only option for the cell to continue to live.  A cancerous cell uses glycolysis (or sugar for energy) rather than oxygen, so under conditions of low oxygen and high sugar, cancer is more likely to flourish. 

Chronic stress, environmental or otherwise, upon a tissue, organ, mind, or spirit increases the odds of a cancer developing.  The severity and duration of the stress affects how quickly-growing and lethal a cancer might become.

Misinforming the public about cancer and treating it inappropriately is very profitable for "the cancer industry."  These "profits" generate huge amounts of expense, human misery, and death for all classes and cultures of our people.  This has been a terrible situation for many generations, and the public is finally becoming aware of it.

How do you proceed?

If you or a loved one are facing a frightening diagnosis of cancer and you feel pressured to use mainstream conventional treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, you're not alone.  Always remember that the choices of how you proceed must be yours.  No one "cures" cancer, but some of us can and do heal from it with the help of many resources that are available to us.  This is your body, your cancer, and your opportunity to heal.

Begin this campaign toward life and health by putting together a "dream team" of professionals and specialists you trust.  Get their suggestions clearly stated and understood before you make any major decisions.  Inform yourself about opinions from medical professionals who are trained and experienced with conventional and natural cancer treatments, as well as methods to improve health and wellness.  At NaturoDoc, we offer natural materials and concepts in which we are professionally trained.  We have used these materials effectively in patient care for over twenty years.

Many causes of cancer are presented in the medical literature.  Become aware of the proven cancer-causing properties of the following factors:

  • Pollutants from food and manufacturing industries,
  • Toxic food additives,
  • Smoking habits,
  • Mercury amalgam dental fillings,
  • Estrogens, both synthetic and natural,
  • Diagnostic radiation, including X-rays and scans,
  • Environmental exposures to building and farm materials, and
  • Radiation from U.S. weaponry and ammunition.

After identifying which exposures might have accumulated in your body and created risk of a cancerous process, systematically work to eliminate these toxic materials.  Use natural methods to remove the toxins from your body while strengthening the body's ability to clean its own house, so to speak.  Many of our recommendations for treating cancers include supplements and procedures to help with this kind of system-wide cleanup process.

An experienced naturopathic physician is available here at NaturoDoc to consult with you and/or your health care team by phone or email.

The NaturoDoc Store offers a wide range of high-quality health resources to which our patients have responded well.  In order to get the best results from these powerful natural medicines, be sure to get help from the best experts and use the highest-quality forms of these medicines that are available to you.

We wish for you the very best outcomes from these important decisions and the challenging experience you face.

Further information

Request the free Prevention Diet for fighting cancer and other serious degenerative diseases.

Request the free white paper entitled Overcoming Cancer:  Balancing the Aspects of Health by Thomas S. Lee, NMD.

For information on helping to reverse serious degenerative diseases in pets, read the article recently published in Animal Wellness magazine about Coco, the chihuahua of Dr. Albert Sanchez.  Coco's cancer was successfully reversed using Poly-MVA For Pets.


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