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The Brenaman
Hypoallergenic Diet

This simple diet outline can greatly increase the comfort of anyone trying to isolate themselves from common food allergies.

Basic safe diet

Begin by observing the following basic diet for 5-7 days:

Beets*, lamb*, apricots*, black tea, most leafy greens, prunes*, rice, cranberries*, yams*, peaches, pears*, and olive oil.

* Cook these foods to decrease their antigenicity.

Avoid these common allergens:

Rice vinegar, dairy, nuts, cherries, wheat, tomatoes, black olives, eggs, soy, potato, spinach*, corn, seafood, salt, citrus, peanuts, beet sugar, juices of listed fruits, and methyl xanthenes.

A return of symptoms could include:

Stomachache, heartburn, after at least 1/2 hour;   gas, bloating, and diarrhea after at least 3-4 hours;  headache, dizziness after at least 1 hour;  skin rash, especially of the eyes, after 6-12 hours;  runny nose, asthma after at least 1 hour;  weight gain from water retention after 12-15 hours;  confusion and mental changes after 12-14 hours;  joint and back pain, fatigue after a meal of pork, and triggered arthritic pain after 5 days;  migraine headaches after 2-7 days;  insomnia, vision changes, sweating, tremor, numbness, increased heart rate, restlessness.


Eat the recommended diet above for 5 to 7 days.  Keep a diet diary and record any symptoms as you go.

Then introduce Food #1 for 5 or 6 meals, and eat it at each meal.  If there is a reaction to the food, do not eat that food again until the reaction stops.

When the reaction to the first food has subsided, reintroduce Food #2 in the same way.

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