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Natural Elimination of Allergy
Treatment (NEAT)

Believe it or not, you can be rid
of allergies and sensitivities

By Thomas Stearns Lee, NMD

The Natural Elimination of Allergy Treatment (NEAT) is one of the world's most useful applications of Energy Medicine.  The body has an energy system that affects all of its other systems.  This physical energy can be measured with electronic devices, and it obeys some of the physical laws of electricity.  Many therapies and procedures work on that energy system.

This protocol uses principles from Acupuncture and Homeopathy along with computer technology to measure and influence the human energy system.  The Computron computer with its software, Acupro II™, is an electrodermal screening system which is considered an "investigational device" by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The Acupro II measures conductance of the skin at acupuncture points.  The skin is not punctured, only touched by a blunt probe.  Since we know what specific acupuncture points can do, their electrical energy can tell us about internal functions of that energy.

The NEAT protocol retrains the system of sensitivity that is part of the immune system.  We create a "medicine" from the "problem" energies found.  Then we use a clearing procedure to alert the brain and immune system to these energies while no actual toxins are present.  When this is completed, the targeted substances should be avoided for 24 hours if possible.  The seven basic sessions will be described later.

Treating sensitivities as well as allergies

A computer can handle electrical energy as a digital signal which is unique for every substance.  Since we have a way to contain these energies, we can test the responses of the patient and then create specific "medicines" for that individual based on those findings.

Energy exists in a field, not just inside a container.  For example, a magnetic field cannot be contained by most materials.  Holding an energy field will interact with the vital energy in the hand.  The brain will "see" or "feel" materials this way.  Our immune systems need for this ability to be working well, or they would not be able to target foreign substances from which to protect us.

Allergy is a widely used term, but it is a precise technical concept.  Usually, people describe hay-fever symptoms as "allergies."  A true allergy is a demonstrated elevation of an antibody level after exposure to an antigen.  Allergies include several specific biochemical reactions that can cause irritating chemicals to be released, creating a lot of suffering.  An example is histamine, which can affect many organs and functions of the body.  The NEAT system treats symptoms of allergies, but it is directed at sensitivities.  A sensitivity is an exaggerated body energy response to a specific stimulus.

Barrier Functions

Our complex bodies require many semi-permeable membranes as barriers.  These permit the movement of fluids, gases, electricity, and other forces to support life.  A basic example is digestion.  If we enjoy a healthy digestion, food energies can be smoothly transformed into needed life energies.

Many membranes must work well for this.  If membrane barriers don't work properly, undigested food or invading organisms can create problems for the immune system and organs of elimination.  For example, damaged sinus membranes permit whole spores and pollens to enter the bloodstream.  A chain of negative events may result in various diseases if these situations continue.

To reverse sensitivities, a healthy barrier function must be restored to the membranes of the digestive system, lungs, urinary tract, or wherever they are compromised.  Supportive organs that must be evaluated include the adrenals, thyroid, kidney, and others.  The NEAT exam and screening tests are used to assess their functions.

Barrier functions and organ functions must be normalized before desensitization can occur

The NEAT protocol convinces the brain to stop overreacting to the sensitive substances.  The acupressure treatment we use in clearing helps to accomplish this.

When the signals testing positive for a sensitivity have been stored, they are magnetically encoded into a homeopathic "blank" -- a small vial of inert liquid into which the energies of the allergens will be imprinted.  This works much like a cassette tape that records the frequencies of the musical notes in a piece of music.

The clearing procedure involves a brief acupressure treatment.  While holding the imprinted vial of allergen energies, specific points are stimulated in sequence three times with a slight impact, such as from a reflex hammer.  The patient then holds the vial of allergic substance energies for 15 minutes, to set the new energy state.  Offending allergens are then avoided for 24 hours, if possible.

Advantages of the NEAT system

  1. It's quick.  Working with changes at the brain level can be complex, but because it controls the immune system, the change is quick.

  2. It's cheap.  Our procedures and number of visits are reasonable and affordable.  Costs vary with the doctor's time.  Conventional allergists have nothing that is both this effective and affordable.

  3. It doesn't hurt.  Our treatments pass the "fussy kid test" because there are no painful needles or achy shots.  A blunt probe is used to only touch the patient's finger.

  4. There are no major reactions.  These are energy patterns, not actual physical allergens.  While some existing symptoms can be briefly aggravated, the therapy has no adverse effects we have been able to detect.

Following is a description of the NEAT protocol, which takes seven visits:

Visit 1.  Explanation of the doctor's credentials and the concepts in this protocol.  Review the investigational nature of the Computron, and obtain an informed consent.  Take the patient and family history.  Take symptoms and complaints.  Take vital signs, urinalysis, and perform a physical exam.  Review the list of supplements and medicines currently being used.  Answer questions.

Visit 2.  Start an Acupro II file and measure readings.  Begin sensitivity testing.  Instruct the patient to bring in potential allergens from home and work if these are included on the panels to be evaluated.  Describe schedule of remaining sessions.  Perform the clearing procedure for test positives.

Visit 3.  Obtain an update on the patient's condition since the last visit.  Retest the prior list of positive findings to verify their cleared status.  Continue through panels of possible allergens.  Perform clearing on this list.

Visit 4.  Update changes, checking the substances from Visit 3 to verify that they are cleared.  Test new panels of substances, and perform clearing procedures for all positive sensitivities.  Assign sampling of home and work exposures for testing.

Visit 5.  Repeat as per Visits 3 and 4.  Continue to clear positives determined from the testing procedure.

Visit 6.  The "clean-up visit."  Retest all prior categories and add any items from home or work, as samples or panel energies.  Repeat treatment procedure.  Schedule a final evaluation in 3-4 weeks.

Visit 7.  Review any changes or aggravations since the last visit.  Discuss the maintenance of barrier functions and the treatment of any residual symptoms.  If symptoms are adequately controlled, schedule another cleanup visit in 3-4 months.

Long-term success depends upon the patient's ability to maintain barrier functions, with healthy lifestyle and natural hygiene choices.

Periodic clean-up sessions at 6-month or yearly intervals can help to maintain these enhancements in the capabilities of the individual's immune system.


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