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Action Alert:

11/16/2004 Tell the U.S. Senate to withdraw funding for psychiatric screening and drugging of our children!


Current events you need to know about:

05/25/2005 A Reprieve for EU Vitamins and Minerals:  First-round win against Codex
05/17/2005 Chemotherapy Combo Poses Grave Risks:  Study of breast cancer treatments halted following two deaths from drug toxicity
04/05/2005 Codex Food Supplements Directive Deemed Invalid Under EU Law:  Alliance for Natural Health set to win its landmark challenge to the EU food supplements directive
02/28/2005 Heads Roll at the VA:  Mushrooming Depleted Uranium (DU) Scandal Blamed
11/26/2004 The Top Ten AIDS Myths, for World AIDS Day, December 1, 2004
12/18/2003 Truth in Labeling in the Nutritional Industry
05/15/2003 SARS:  Bioterrorism by Default or Design
04/25/2003 Gulf War Syndrome:  The Sequel
04/24/2003 U.S. sugar industry threatens the World Health Organization over new dietary guidelines
04/23/2003 Natural Products Associations issue directive to stop developing natural treatments for SARS:  Critics cry foul
04/12/2003 EU calls for new investigation of aspartame and stevia
01/07/2002 Proposed Emergency Health Powers Act would mandate vaccinations and property seizures
12/30/2001 Warnings about anthrax vaccine
12/12/2001 Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.:  Cause 250,000 deaths every year.
12/04/2001 United Nations seeks to limit supplementation to RDA levels in proposed Codex Alimentarius.
12/04/2001 High risk associated with smallpox vaccinations.

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