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Natural, Non-Toxic Improvements Upon Conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy

By Thomas Stearns Lee, NMD

Here are some effective, affordable methods for reducing the incidence of menopausal symptoms, creating a healthier, more balanced hormone system, and bringing more comfort and joy into your life:

1.  A clean diet and non-toxic lifestyle

Eat non-acidifying foods:  raw and moist cooked fruits and vegetables, organic whole grains, and non-toxic animal foods prepared and handled well.  Look to your ancestral diet pattern and learn from your ethnic traditions.  They survived.

Avoid anything in excess, fast foods, processed food products, recreational or intoxicating foods or drinks, caffeine and synthetic sweeteners, white sugar, unsaturated, processed vegetable oils, and easily-oxidized unsaturates like flax, borage, or canola oil.  Avoid feedlot or abused animal flesh or fluids.

Estrogen dominance is promoted by a regular diet of these common modern processed foods.  Stress and nutritional deficiencies from these vacant diets deplete the adrenal glands.  These weakened glands in turn deplete progesterone reserves, which then promotes relative estrogen-activity excess.  This estrogen dominance meeting menopausal change in a woman's body creates many uncomfortable symptoms.

Clean, unpolluted water, fresh air, and a naturally lit environment or some unfiltered sunlight into your eyes daily will all contribute to a restored normal hormonal rhythm.

2.  Plant-sourced estrogens, called Phytoestrogens

Raw whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and soy products contain mild amounts of natural estrogens which circumvent the rollercoaster imbalance most women experience during menopause.  These are far weaker and short-acting than animal estrogens or toxic xenoestrogens.  They seem to actually dilute the effects of the harder kinds, acting like hormonal shock absorbers when eaten regularly.  If a woman is still having a menstrual cycle, these foods should be emphasized the first week or two after the period, to coincide with the increased estrogen activity then.

Phytoestrogens also appear in a variety of herbs, including black cohosh, alfalfa, pomegranate, red clover, and licorice.

3. Natural Progesterone

In the past few years, several doctors have found that natural progesterone cream can take up the slack both before menopause, in the case of the stress-challenged woman, and after menopause, in the case of the less stressed woman who has incorporated natural phytoestrogen foods into her lifestyle.  Both groups can benefit from the regulating influence of natural estrogens in small food-bound doses, along with a replacement dosage of human-identical progesterone.

Dr. John Lee has organized much of the pertinent information about the clinical effects of natural progesterone cream.  Researchers like Ray Peat, PhD have inspired his more extensive studies on progesterone, and Dr. Peat's articles appear elsewhere on this site.  Osteoporosis, heart disease, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, hot flashes, dryness, and skin shriveling are all routinely avoided by the daily use of this simple natural hormone cream.

Dr. John Lee's book entitled What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause provides a very compelling and complete story on progesterone, along with a list of products that contain a usable form of natural progesterone.

4.  Liver function support

The functions of a healthy liver are too numerous and detailed to be adequately covered in this article.  This organ is where the amazing biochemical orchestra of a healthy, balanced hormone system takes place.  If the liver is strong and effective, protection from toxins, infections, dangerous drugs, and even stunning levels of personal stupidity can take place for decades.  Everyone who has a liver is blessed with the life it permits.  There are some nutrients, and natural medicines that have very beneficial effects on the liverís functions that help hormone balance.  The reader is encouraged to obtain and study the many excellent ancient medical systems and herbal texts to understand how to accomplish this support.

We have found excellent results for support and repair of a stressed and aging liver with a product called Livit-2.  This is an American version of a classical Ayurvedic formula called Liver 52.  The 52 Himalayan herbs and minerals these products contain have been a godsend for serious ailments throughout the Indian subcontinent for hundreds of years.  My patients speak highly of it as well.

Another great tool is Di-Indoly Methane, or DIM.  This wonderful nutrient is an extraction from cabbage that directly helps the metabolism of estrogen become a favorable and beneficial event, by supporting a metabolite of estrogen called "2-hydroxy-estrone."  This is basically a good nutrient, rather than the creation of "16-hydroxy-estrone" which is -- you got it -- a bad nutrient.  This all gets into the biochemistry of the liver a bit deeper than many may care to go, but if the negative effects of estrogen dominance are obvious in your life, you will appreciate the effectiveness and affordability of DIM in your turnaround strategy.

Another helpful nutrient is Calcium D-Glucarate.  This is a calcium salt that helps the liver detoxify the harsh synthetic estrogens by strengthening the glucaronic pathway, making those estrogens a lot easier to safely excrete out of the body.  Use this along with information from your natural medical professional.  Start at a low dose and increase slowly, because it can rapidly change the levels of these hormones, and you donít want to do anything sudden in the world of your liver.  Even good changes can become very uncomfortable if they occur too suddenly.

NaturoDoc carries an Anti-Estrogen Formula which is designed to help both men and women who want to support testosterone functions or counteract estrogen dominance.  Men often need more of this mixture than women do, because they need more protection for higher levels of testosterone.  Again, with the guidance of a natural medical professional, this formulation has been found to provide excellent results.

5.  Reasonable and intelligent exercise

When you are feeling better from all these changes you have taken on, look into some classes in Yoga, Tai Chi, the Pilates Method, dancing, weight training, or hiking.  Visit the performance section of the NaturoDoc Store if you feel results from exercise are elusive.  The basic rules of physical training common sense are to know your limits, be patient and persistent, keep your routine varied and interesting, and avoid over-training or hard work on cold muscles.  Make it fun to move and be alive.

6.  A positive spiritual and philosophical focus

We build our own heaven or hell in this life.  There are plenty of helpers to complete either project to which we commit.  You are free to choose the focus you want, and you can put yourself in the company of the greatest teachers and leaders the world has ever known, right here on the Internet and in the bookstores and libraries of our modern world.  I hope you focus on your own positive future, and in so doing give the rest of us a hand.

For Further Assistance, Consult the Doc

Dr. Thomas S. Lee, NMD is a specialist in hormone balancing approaches for women and men.  He offers personal consultations by phone and email.  These often result in his creating a custom recipe for transdermal hormone cream to be mailed directly to you from our compounding pharmacy, as well as recommendations for products that will help in your specific circumstances.  If you're not sure, don't self-medicate.  Get personal advice from a licensed natural health professional.


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