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Misinformation about Radiation Dangers

This article, “Fukushima: The Media Blows It,” clarifies how misinformed we are by the mainstream media about the dangers of radioactive iodine exposure. The author, Michael Fox, PhD, criticizes the lack of accurate science or journalism throughout the official media on this important issue.

We agree, and it should be noticed that even well-done reporting on the iodine protection issue doesn’t go far enough to report on more deadly isotopes of uranium, cesium, and plutonium that are making their way into the Pacific Ocean biosphere.

If world governments have militaries that are really concerned about humanitarian crises everywhere, they should warehouse all their weapons, contract with the Ukrainians to entomb the reactors, and consult with them about sensible procedures for handling contaminated populations.

According to Zbigniew Jaworowski, the massive Soviet response to radiation fears after Chernobyl was misinformed and now areas affected are being repopulated. Fears about the devastating consequences have not materialized.

The issues are complex and incredibly important for our present and future survival. Keep informing yourself and your family about these decisions and correct those who have points wrong.

Dr. Thomas Lee

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